“How to work for yourself” by Bryan Cohen (e-book and course)

Have you ever wished you could manage your time in a better and more efficient way? How many times have you postponed a new project to start but never actually got to do it? Don’t lie, we have all been there at least once. So how can we find an effective way to manage our time more wisely and be able to tackle this project we care about? I have recently found the answer in Bryan Cohen, teacher and author of “How to Work for Yourself: 100 Ways to Make the Time, Energy and Priorities to Start a Business, Book or Blog”, which is a win-win situation. In fact, the course is divided into a digital part (e-book) and a visual part (video lectures).

How to work for yourself Bryan Cohen

I will start talking about the e-book because that is how I found out about Bryan: I was browsing the iBooks app looking for some free material about blogging and time management, and here I found him. The book has 66 pages, and provides the reader with 100 (maybe more) tips and tricks on how to be more efficient and where to start in planning your project. It is divided into several sections: time management, different kinds of energy, creativity, goal setting, life circumstances and your project.
Needless to say, Bryan has done an amazing job in writing it; the structure of the book is extremely simple, the tips are super easy to follow and the writing technique makes you feel as though you were a friend of his. At the end of the book, a link to his free course is provided, for everyone wanting to expand the topic.
I have downloaded it from an iOS platform, but you can also find it for free on Amazon (Kindle version), by clicking here.

Now moving on to the course, it is uploaded on Udemy, a platform for online courses, and you will need an account in order to attend it. The registration is free and quick, you can do it here. You will then find Bryan’s course by clicking here. The lectures are free if you use the referral link contained in the free e-book, otherwise they will cost $19 for the whole course, if bought from the link provided in this article.
The course consists of 43 video lectures that don’t last more than seven-eight minutes each. It is divided in sections, following Bryan’s friendly style:
– Introduction
– Time (+ 2 exercises)
– Energy (+ 4 exercises)
– Life (+ 2 exercises)
– Your Project (+ 2 exercises)
– In Conclusion

Each section contains a certain amount of videos with which Bryan teaches you the basics of the related topic, and a final “Resources” and “Recap” videos, through which he gives you any reference in case you wished to learn more (books, movies etc.) and a recap of the whole section. Moreover, with the exception of the first and the last section, he always invites you to complete some exercises related to the analysed topic; the majority of these exercise have to do with writing things down and really getting your brain to think, and their purpose is to consolidate everything taught in the lectures. The exercises will help you to brainstorm and bring your project to life, while figuring out all the other aspects of your personal life.
At the end of the entire course, he kindly offers you a free copy of the related e-book and a certificate of completion of the course.

Bryan Cohen certificate

Especially in his Udemy course, Bryan’s attitude is amazing: he is not one of those boring teachers, he is incredibly funny, understandable and prepared.

When I started both courses (by the way, they have the same title and the same general structure, but the tricks taught in them are different), I wasn’t looking for a way to start a project (I already had my blog up), but to improve and make it better. Indeed I did, and it’s all thanks to Bryan and his amazing help.
I feel the need to suggest to everyone who understands English to either download the book or attend the course (or both, they’re free!). I can guarantee you will be satisfied and your life, relationship and new project will take a whole different path. And if, by chance, you shouldn’t be happy with the results, at least you won’t have spent huge amounts of money on it.

Lastly, despite the title talks about creating a blog, book or business, these tips are definitely applicable to any project in your life, even just for creating a study plan or organizing your workspace, since they suit every need.
Trust me, it’s worthy. And Bryan really is the best guy! See you soon with another post in English!

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