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Film o films? Social o socials?

Oggi dovrete sopportare un articolo un po’ diverso dal solito, ma che voglio scrivere da un po’ di tempo. Che cosa mi ha spinto a dedicarmi a questo (breve) post? Leggere cose del genere scritte e dette da blogger, webmaster, riviste, televisione e chi più ne ha, più ne metta:

“Condividete sui miei socials che trovate qui sotto”.

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I’m sorry

From my diary/journal:

16/05/2016: I’m sorry, I really am. I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through in the past year and a half. I’m sorry for hurting you, sabotaging you and thinking you weren’t enough. I’m sorry for the extreme dieting, the crazy binge eating and emotional eating, the weight gain, the hair loss, the dehydration, the clothes that don’t fit, the calorie counting obsession, the messed-up period, the tears, the pity, the pain, the mirror hate.

I’m sorry for all the times I got mad at you, for when I didn’t care, for calling you fat and awful, for hurting the animals, the planet and your body. I’m sorry for not being strong enough to stand for your health, for numbing your emotions, for just hating on you the whole fucking time. You simply don’t deserve all of this, you don’t deserve any of this. 

You’re beautiful, girl. You’re awesome and you rock at everything you do. You’re great at studying, teaching, blogging, loving, cooking, drawing, joking, writing, working out, planning, organizing. You’re gorgeous and you should NEVER let anyone (myself included) tell you you’re not. Shake it off, you know better. And just so you know it, I love you and I truly forgive you for everything.


How to create a virtual vision board

Hi there! It’s been a long time since my last post in English and I suddenly realized how much I’ve actually missed it! But let’s jump straight into today’s topic: vision boards. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, vision boards are a way with which you can visually put together your dreams, desires and hopes for the future. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to building your own board: it can be done on a large piece of paper, on your computer, as a 3D composition, or virtually, according to whatever suits your needs best. For me, I really enjoy using a bulletin board and a virtual board, and I’m currently working on implementing the two of them in my daily life. A vision board is generally made of pictures (you can print them out or cut them from a magazine you like) that represent what you want to achieve and manifest in your future life, but it can also contain quotes and phrases. If you would like to know more about this topic, just keep reading!

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Udemy Goals Setting Course – Adrian Landsberg

Let’s admit it, we have all been there at least once. We set a goal (or more than one) at the beginning of the year or of any important period of our life, and we swear we are going to achieve it. We hustle, we do our best and struggle for… how long? Maybe a couple of days? Even a couple of weeks, if we are lucky. What I mean by that is that it is incredibly hard to always stay motivated without seeing the long-term picture of things. It is so easy to lose track of your efforts and just focus on what you still have to do, rather than on what you have already accomplished. This happened to me, too, until I found this course on Udemy, and everything changed. Want to know more about it? Just keep on reading.

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Udemy Walking Course – Action Courses

Long time, no post in English! If you remember, I wrote an article a few months back about one of the courses offered on Udemy (click here to read the old post). But for those of you that don’t know about it, what is Udemy? Udemy is a digital platform that can be accessed either through their website or through the related app for Apple and Android. This platform has been created to encourage people to never stop learning and discovering new things and pieces of information. On Udemy, you can find everything you are looking for, since the choice of topic is incredibly huge; there is something for everyone, from sports to technology, from marketing to beauty, from health to management. Whatever you might be interested in learning more about, Udemy has got you covered!

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“The Human Approach” for Anxiety and Depression

Do you suffer from Social Anxiety as I do? Have you tried lots of ways to solve your problem or at least to remove it partially? I bet you have, and I also bet you have never heard of “The Human Approach”; this is a free website, founded and funded by Hugh Macnab, who works in England as a psycotherapist.

The Human Approach

What he offers to whoever signs up is truly amazing: when you register on the website, just by clicking here, you will receive a brief questionnaire in which you will have to state if you suffer from Anxiety or Depression. In fact, Hugh provides two different programs that vary according to your problem. Both are a four part program that lasts five weeks, with two video sessions in each. The first video will help you understand your condition, and what you will be doing, with Hugh’s help, to improve it. The second one is a treatment video which will help you to actually reduce the effects of your condition, by making you understand your past distressing memories.

After each session you will see how you are progressing by looking at a simple color-coded chart, and you will receive an e-mail invitation to the next session at the appropriate time, with no risk of forgetting. Once you start the following session, you will be asked to complete the same questionnaire, just to check if there have been any improvements in your life. It is not possible to skip through the videos one after the other, because they must be spread as planned over the five weeks of the program. At the end of the whole program, you will be asked to give your feedback and personal opinion on how it has worked for you and how it could improve further.
What really surprised me is that, after completing the last questionnaire, you are provided with a free complete health check, consisting of 40 questions that will give Hugh a deeper understanding of your condition, highlighting the key areas of your life in which you need to make further improvements. The complete health check will be free for a whole year to whoever has completed the program.

Hugh Macnab

Personally, I have not hugely benefitted from this program as I thought, but I can say that it has helped in some way. The great thing about “The Human Approach” (other than the fact that it’s free) is the rewind process introduced in the first treatment video, through which you are guided towards an understanding of which distressing memories are causing your problem. I won’t tell you that when you sing up for this program, you will completely recover from your condition; what I can tell you is that Hugh will help you understand where you Anxiety/Depression is coming from, and which areas of your life to improve.

So if you are suffering from one of this two conditions, my suggestion is to try it: you won’t have to spend any money and you will try a different approach to mental and emotional health. Let me know your thoughts and impressions if you try this program and if it has helped you in some way.
I will see you soon with another post in Italian!

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“How to work for yourself” by Bryan Cohen (e-book and course)

Have you ever wished you could manage your time in a better and more efficient way? How many times have you postponed a new project to start but never actually got to do it? Don’t lie, we have all been there at least once. So how can we find an effective way to manage our time more wisely and be able to tackle this project we care about? I have recently found the answer in Bryan Cohen, teacher and author of “How to Work for Yourself: 100 Ways to Make the Time, Energy and Priorities to Start a Business, Book or Blog”, which is a win-win situation. In fact, the course is divided into a digital part (e-book) and a visual part (video lectures).

How to work for yourself Bryan Cohen

I will start talking about the e-book because that is how I found out about Bryan: I was browsing the iBooks app looking for some free material about blogging and time management, and here I found him. The book has 66 pages, and provides the reader with 100 (maybe more) tips and tricks on how to be more efficient and where to start in planning your project. It is divided into several sections: time management, different kinds of energy, creativity, goal setting, life circumstances and your project.
Needless to say, Bryan has done an amazing job in writing it; the structure of the book is extremely simple, the tips are super easy to follow and the writing technique makes you feel as though you were a friend of his. At the end of the book, a link to his free course is provided, for everyone wanting to expand the topic.
I have downloaded it from an iOS platform, but you can also find it for free on Amazon (Kindle version), by clicking here.

Now moving on to the course, it is uploaded on Udemy, a platform for online courses, and you will need an account in order to attend it. The registration is free and quick, you can do it here. You will then find Bryan’s course by clicking here. The lectures are free if you use the referral link contained in the free e-book, otherwise they will cost $19 for the whole course, if bought from the link provided in this article.
The course consists of 43 video lectures that don’t last more than seven-eight minutes each. It is divided in sections, following Bryan’s friendly style:
– Introduction
– Time (+ 2 exercises)
– Energy (+ 4 exercises)
– Life (+ 2 exercises)
– Your Project (+ 2 exercises)
– In Conclusion

Each section contains a certain amount of videos with which Bryan teaches you the basics of the related topic, and a final “Resources” and “Recap” videos, through which he gives you any reference in case you wished to learn more (books, movies etc.) and a recap of the whole section. Moreover, with the exception of the first and the last section, he always invites you to complete some exercises related to the analysed topic; the majority of these exercise have to do with writing things down and really getting your brain to think, and their purpose is to consolidate everything taught in the lectures. The exercises will help you to brainstorm and bring your project to life, while figuring out all the other aspects of your personal life.
At the end of the entire course, he kindly offers you a free copy of the related e-book and a certificate of completion of the course.

Bryan Cohen certificate

Especially in his Udemy course, Bryan’s attitude is amazing: he is not one of those boring teachers, he is incredibly funny, understandable and prepared.

When I started both courses (by the way, they have the same title and the same general structure, but the tricks taught in them are different), I wasn’t looking for a way to start a project (I already had my blog up), but to improve and make it better. Indeed I did, and it’s all thanks to Bryan and his amazing help.
I feel the need to suggest to everyone who understands English to either download the book or attend the course (or both, they’re free!). I can guarantee you will be satisfied and your life, relationship and new project will take a whole different path. And if, by chance, you shouldn’t be happy with the results, at least you won’t have spent huge amounts of money on it.

Lastly, despite the title talks about creating a blog, book or business, these tips are definitely applicable to any project in your life, even just for creating a study plan or organizing your workspace, since they suit every need.
Trust me, it’s worthy. And Bryan really is the best guy! See you soon with another post in English!

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The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

I am pretty sure a lot of you will know what I am writing about, but for those who are unfamiliar with the topic, I am going to give a brief explanation. A Gratitude Journal is a technique generally used in self-development and happiness programs; it consists of taking something to write on (it could be a notebook, a sheet of paper, your phone, a social network, anything through which you can express yourself). Once you have found your canvas to write on, this is when the fun begins.
Generally a Gratitude Journal is a fixed task which challenges people to write every day three things they are grateful for, often at the end of their day. But this is your choice: you can decide to write on it once a week instead of every day, listing five things rather than three, because the great thing about it is that it is entirely up to you and to what makes YOU feel better and happier.

Gratitude Journal

Now that we have clarified what it consists of, the hardest past comes in, and it is usually what most people struggle with when they start this project: “What can I write about?”. Often people create a Gratitude Journal thinking that it should be full of enormous good things happened during that day. What they usually don’t realize is that there is no need for those things to be huge; they can be as small as a cup of coffee, a hug, a smile. The purpose of this Journal is not to look for big moments in your day, but to search those tiny events that have made you feel a lot better.
To give you some examples, here are some things I sometimes write in my Journal:
– I’m grateful for cuddling with my boyfriend
– I’m grateful for being welcomed home by my dogs
– I’m grateful for passing a tough exam at university
– I’m grateful for the warm bed while it’s cold outside
– I’m grateful for watching a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy

gratitude journal

As you can see, apart from the exam, all the other elements are simple, small things that made me happier during a regular day. These are the events that we most have to learn to appreciate and savour.
You might still have doubts, and ask: “What benefits do I get from this?”. I can assure you that if you make it an habit and constantly look for three happy moments (or how many you want) to be grateful for, in the long run you will start to see how your outlook on life will change. You will start to feel happier and then something fun will happen: every day, whenever something will make you smile, you will find yourself thinking: “I will add it to my Gratitude Journal tonight”, and this thought will make you ever more joyful.

So this is my challenge for you: it doesn’t matter if you are the happiest person on Earth (or the saddest), just give it a try. Find what works best for you and rock this new habit. If writing things down is not your cup of tea, then try typing your gratitude on your laptop. If you are attracted to colours, try to use a bright notebook to write on. The key is to find what suits you, and then the rest will come.
If you decide to try this technique, let me know, and we can share our experience. Moreover, I will also be glad to help you with some motivation if you are having troubles with sticking to your habit. Until next time, I wish you all the happy life you deserve.

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B.E.D. – Update (Post in English)

It has been a long time since I have talked about my Binge Eating Disorder, and the last post I had written on it was a happy article describing how I was overcoming it and how good I felt. That was awesome, except for the fact that it lasted less than fifty days. Anxiety, stress and other stuff soon started to make me feel overwhelmed and I just fell again.
Every time my brain and my nerves feel like they can’t take it anymore, my mind’s response is: why don’t you eat? I have always found relief in that, and the worst part is knowing how unhealthy it is but still being unable to stop it.

The fact is that I binge eat no matter what my emotions are. If I’m happy, sad, worried, anxious, I still do it anyway. I have seriously tried so many different ways to stop it, but nothing seems to work out for me. And moreover, the consequence is that my body shape is getting worse and worse. I have been dealing with cellulite since I was about nine years old, which is an extremely young age, and since that age everything as just turned into a mess. At first, it was only about my thighs: they were getting bigger and that was it, I didn’t care that much since I was just a child. My parents did warn me and tried to make me exercise, but in the wrong way. I was probably an anxious little girl already and all they tried to do was getting me to play team sports. I played volleyball, basketball and did some swimming classes which all led to anxiety and panic.
Despite my hate towards exercising in a public place, things weren’t dramatic. My thighs were slightly bigger and that didn’t cause a major problem. Yet. I then went through middle school and high school, and that’s where something else happened: I also started to follow a very unhealthy eating plan, with tons of junk food when nobody could see me. This bad eating, added to my “no-exercise” lifestyle, just damaged my body. I started gaining even more weight and cellulite, not just on my thighs, but also on my butt, which was getting bigger and bigger, causing me so much shame. During the second year of high school, my left knee was injured. The muscle (don’t ask me for the specific name in English) couldn’t hold the weight of my bottom part anymore, and my knee got stuck. After going to the hospital and all that procedure, they fixed it, and for a year and a half, nothing happened, while I kept on following my bad lifestyle. Then it happened again, three times in a range of four months. Luckily enough, I had learned how to fix my knee myself, and so I did; the pain usually disappeared in a few days.

Owing to those injuries, I can’t sit on the ground on my knees. I can’t bend my knee more that ninety degree and I can’t lie it completely flat. I mean, I can do all of those things, but I’m too scared that they will get my knee stuck again. Now I have told you my little knee story just to let you know how much my body weight and my B.E.D. have influenced my life, and still do every day. There is no easy way for me to stop.
All those people saying: “Just don’t do that”, simply don’t know how it feels. Only those who are going through the same thing can fully understand what it is like to be aware of destroying your body from the inside and being unable to stop.
I definitely need a solution, and it has nothing to do with physical appearance. Now my cellulite has gone up by body, and it has already reached my hips, my belly, my rib cage, and my breast will be next step for sure. But the reason why I need to work this out has nothing to do with body weight. I love myself, and I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves my body so much I can’t fully understand it.
I need to it for myself, for my health, for my future and for my confidence. So if any of you is going through the same thing or as managed to overcome it, please just let me know. My biggest problem is my mind, which keeps me from sticking to a healthy diet, making me feel like I need to eat what I crave.
If you are interested in reading the old posts I have written months ago about my eating disorder, you can find them all on my blog, under the “B.E.D.” category:

I understand this is a complete different attitude than the one I had in the old post, but I just wanted to write this to put my thoughts and emotions in one place and maybe finding someone’s help. Thank you for sticking with me, I truly appreciate it. I will see you next time with a new post. And it will be way happier, I promise 😉

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Social anxiety (first post in English!)

When I first started writing posts on this blog, I decided to type them all in Italian, mainly for a practical reason; I started reviewing Glee right after it went on the local channel, I began writing reviews of Italian books I had read, and things went on the same way. But even though I knew my language was the best option for my blog to be read and visited, I have changed my mind a little bit. I deeply love English, since high school; I love the sound of the words, the structure of the sentence, the pronunciation, every bit. As you might know from previous posts, I’m attending a university degree course which is entirely taught in English, because this is my passion. And for as much as I like writing and posting here in Italian, I have always felt something on a deeper level about posting in English. My head was like: “Will they read it? Will they hate it?”. Who knows until I try? So this posts won’t occur frequently, maybe one every other month, and I already apologise for the amount of mistakes I will surely make along the way. This is my passion and I’m constantly trying to improve and expand my knowledge.

After this extremely long intro, let’s jump into today’s topic: it is something I have slightly talked about in a previous post, but never analysed on a personal level. I suffer from social anxiety, a pretty bad thing that people tend to consider as fake or “not as important”. But it is real (so real) and very important. I can’t speak for all the people suffering from it, since everyone is different, but I can talk about my personal experience.
My anxiety started about five years ago, even if I can remember some facts from my childhood that I can now refer to this; at first, it was purely shyness and insecurity, until it turned into something bigger. I was 15 and walking home from the gym, when two men behind me stopped me and told me that my body shape was really good, in a pretty rude way. I was shocked, and couldn’t speak; one of the two told me to be polite and to thank them, and so I did. They then walked away and I did a whole different road to go home since I didn’t want to meet them again.

I never told anyone except my boyfriend, and I am pretty sure that caused everything. From that day, I was terrified of walking alone in the streets: according to my mind, everybody could hurt me, and I couldn’t do anything. I quit the gym a few months later just because I was terrified of going down that road every time, and started going out alone less and less. Whenever my parents asked me to run some errands I acted like a total freak, getting anxious over the smallest things and feeling stupid as hell. They never thought about anxiety, they just said I was lazy and that I didn’t want to help others.
I am terrified of the outside world and of the people out there, all of them. Every time I walk down the streets I am so tense that any sudden sound can make me jump, and I know it’s not normal. I am scared of going to the grocery store, of taking the bus, of putting the garbage out, and many other things. People’s judgement is what stops me, the fact that someone could tell me something, that I may embarrass myself acting like a weirdo.

Lately I’ve decided to work on it; I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and a half, and he never knew until I told him. He had noticed before that I was an extremely anxious person, but he had never thought it could go so far. I told him recently, and since then he is been the most amazing boo in the whole world (not that he wasn’t before, he just got even better), starting to help me out in so many ways. When he can be present and give me a physical help, he is just there; when he can’t be with me and knows that I’m getting anxious over something, he always figures out a way to calm me down. There have been tiny little improvements, but it’s just the beginning and I’m happy about it.

Even though each one of us has a different story and experience, I think I’ve recently learned a tip that could help everyone suffering from this kind of anxiety: find support. It doesn’t matter who this person is, he could be a member of your family, a friend, your boyfriend, a teacher, someone you chat with on the Internet, anyone whose opinion you trust and anyone you can trust. You have to be sure that he/she will take your problem extremely seriously, that he won’t laugh at you, consider you a freak or think that it is easy to overcome it.
Seriously, I’ve kept it inside for five years, and it’s not been fun. But now that I have told someone, now that he supports me no matter what, that he understands me and helps me so much, I can tell the difference. Just do it for yourself, just do it to get better: tell someone, look for help. It will be easier, I promise.

Thank you for sticking with me through this cheesy and maybe stupid post, but it is a topic that touches me personally and I will definitely talk about it more in the future.
Moreover, if you’re liking this kinds of posts (or not), just let me know and I will make changes. Thanks again, see you next time!